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Talking Features

Oct 28, 2021

In this week’s Talking Travel Feature, we will be exploring New Delhi, unlocking secrets about the city's culture and taking a trip to it’s famous bars and hotels.

Oct 27, 2021

In this week’s Talking Life Feature, we talk all things drains for Unblocktober. From children’s toys to family pets, it’s amazing what you can find in Britain’s drains!

Guest: Chris Whimpress, Dyno-Rod Engineer

Oct 26, 2021

In this week's Talking Tech feature, we discuss the demand for cyber security professionals in the UK, and the consequences we are facing by having too few.

Guest: Clar Rosso, CEO of (ISC)2

Oct 25, 2021

In this week's Talking Health Feature, we are having a look into a rare form of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) called Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (AATD). 

Guest: Karen O'Hara, Chair of Alpha-1 UK Support Group

Oct 22, 2021

In this week’s Talking Money Feature, we discuss the notoriously awkward topic of prenuptial agreements. We explore common misconceptions and gain an understanding of how to broach the subject with a partner.