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Talking Features

Dec 6, 2022

In this week's Talking Tech Feature, Barney delves into the tech of E-Scooters, and the loose laws around them which make them so dangerous.

Dec 5, 2022

In this week's Talking Health Featue, Barney dives into the world of acupuncture - sorting sharp facts from pointy opinions about this alternative healthcare.

Dec 2, 2022

In this weeks Talking Money feature Stevie talks to the founder of The Whiskey Baron Jake Sharpe about investing in whisky instead of stocks and shares.  

Dec 1, 2022

In this episode of Talking Travel, Rory gives an update on when and where train strikes will be taking place in the last month of the year, and what progress has been made between the unions and the rail companies since the summer.

Nov 30, 2022

In this week’s Talking Life, Rory discusses the Online Safety Bill making its way through the House of Commons – what's in it, what it means for children and why its in the news again.